Why Athletes Should Stop Focusing on Instagram.


Focus on the bigger picture.

Don’t get me wrong- Instagram is one hell of a platform. It offers an athlete the ability to connect with fans and followers, offer glimpses into their world of training and travel, and even give bitesize bits via temporary stories. You can use it to survey viewers, swipe-up to websites, and sell space to brands that endorse said athlete. The thing is, when an athlete puts out content, or news, people can run with this news and profit off of it and leave the athlete high and dry. If an athlete doesn’t understand that Instagram is one platform to use and leverage to others, they are missing a much larger slice of the pie, and someone is eating their piece. So yes, Instagram is a great platform, but no, it should not be a means to an end. In fact, it should be used as a means to a beginning.

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Cooper Marsh